Month: October 2016

Double-Chocolate Pumpkin Bark

img_3457One of my favorite activities this time of year is to carve pumpkins. As a child, my brothers and I used to sit together a couple days before Halloween and carve our jack-o’-lantern faces onto the pumpkins. I am pretty certain one of my brothers was a pumpkin whisperer as he would carve elaborate and creative pumpkins each year. Afterwards we would all clean our pumpkin seeds and roast them the next day for snacks.


Easy Pumpkin Dip

easy pumpkin dip || joyfully so

It wasn’t until junior year in college that I began to learn the greatness of pumpkins. I used to eat pumpkin pie mix straight from the can or with a little caramel topping in a bowl in my room for a meal – err, snack between classes. My mom is proud I have evolved since those days but I still value pumpkin and its ability to be deliciously transformed into a number of delectable treats.


The 105 Calorie Pumpkin Spice Latte

the 105 calorie pumpkin spice latte || joyfully so

It’s officially a week until Halloween! With the cooler temperatures ahead, I often turn to warm foods and drinks. Soups, stews and lattes are a few favorites! I love sipping on pumpkin spice lattes during this festive season, but don’t like the high sugar, high calorie and high cost found in coffee shop lattes. With a little experimenting, I created a 105 calorie pumpkin spice latte to enjoy on these beautiful fall mornings.