Month: November 2016

Holiday Ice: Two Ways

Easy Holiday Ice with rosemary and cranberries - DIY || joyfully soCheers to the holiday season! I am so excited for the merriest time of the year. From eggnog to sangria to hot chocolate with peppermint schnapps to rosemary gin cocktails, the holiday drink possibilities are endless! To add a little extra holiday flare, I made some ice cubes that bring a little more holly and jolly with each sip!


Kale and Blood Orange Salad

Kale and blood orange salad || Joyfully So

Every year after Thanksgiving, I find myself trying to find creative ways to eat the leftovers. Turkey soup, turkey sandwiches and turkey with BBQ sauce all go on rotation, in addition to the remaining side dishes. But between the leftovers, I try to mix in a few fresh and healthy meals and salads. This dish fits the bill!


Tyler’s Birthday Cake

img_3919Last week was my boyfriend’s birthday and I wanted a quick, delicious recipe to take to his work before my shift at the hospital. Fortunately, his mom tipped me off on this cake that he loves! This cake recipe was created years ago when his mom was out of town and they needed something to bring to his brother’s school bake fair. His dad had a box of cake mix, whipped cream and frozen raspberries on hand. They combined all three to make a quick raspberry chocolate cake!


Gifts For Him: $30 And Under

Gifts for him: $30 and under

Happy Thanksgiving, y’all! Wow, how this season has zoomed by. What is everyone doing for the holiday? Anyone traveling anywhere adventurous or exciting?

I’m staying in Dallas to cover the holiday at work, but that doesn’t keep me from doing a little bit of an annual tradition – Black Friday shopping! This year, because of my schedule, almost everything will be done online. With lots of men in my family, including sweet twin nephews, I will be spending a good portion of my time in the men’s sections. I solicited help from one of my brother’s in compiling a list of desirable gifts that are $30 or less. Gift with good taste and innovative technology without breaking the bank!


Cranberry & Pine Cone Garland

Cranberry and pine cone garland DIY || joyfully soCranberries and pine cones are like Santa and Rudolph, like Frosty and his button nose, like Elf and maple syrup. They just pair so nicely together during the holidays! I have always loved a little rustic touch for the holiday season, and this cranberry and pine cone garland brings the holiday joy to mantles, Christmas trees and window ledges. Use this for both Thanksgiving and Christmas interior decor.