Month: December 2016

Navy Metallic Wrap Dress

I’m going to preface today’s post by asking for a little forgiveness. This is not my best because it was freezing cold! Even being from St. Louis, I have never been able to handle cold well. I’m a wimp! This was shot on a day in Dallas with windchill in the teens. Because of busy schedules and limited hours of sunlight, we usually only have one day per week to photograph, and this was my last outfit. All credit goes to Tyler, as he photographed quickly. We later had a laugh at how very few pictures turned out because I’m shriveled up and shivering. So thank you in advance for a little grace. 🙂


Blood Oranges with Cranberry-Infused Champagne

Now that it’s officially winter, it is the peak season for oranges. Depending on the variety of oranges, a lot of them, such as the Moro blood oranges, are fresh December through March. I like to take advantage of their season as they are one of the few fruits at their peak and they pack a generous serving of Vitamin C to help fend off sickness during flu season.

Since New Years Eve is just around the corner, what a better way to indulge in this winter fruit than add champagne?! Cheers to champagne with your daily fruit!


DIY Cinnamon Ornaments

DIY Cinnamon ornaments || joyfully soEvery year when we pull out decorations for the Christmas tree, the box opens with a festive Christmas scent. That beloved, nostalgic smell was a result of these cinnamon ornaments. I think my original cinnamon ornaments date back to my preschool days (which was a long, long time ago!).