Month: January 2017

Adam & Kristin | Engagement Portraits

A couple years ago when my younger brother introduced me to his girlfriend, Kristin, I knew she was special. Kristin has a smile that lights up a room and a heart of gold. My brother, Adam, is a wonderful compliment to her with his optimistic attitude and kind soul. I cannot be more excited for them to get married this summer! In preparation for their wedding I somehow earned the honor to take their engagement pictures. While I would be delighted to share their love story, they tell it best. They kindly agreed to open up and share their love with us.



Valentine’s Day Gifts: for him

Growing up with brothers, there were always toys or gadgets around the house. First it was Legos. Then stacks of CDs or video games. Next, cooking electronics, outdoor gear. or power tools. Guys love gadgets! With Valentine’s Day coming closer, I gathered a list of gift ideas for the man in your life. Some ideas are gadgets (if he is like my family) and others are useful items he may need or want. (See the list for women here.)