Category: side dishes

Cauliflower Feta Tabbouleh

If you would have told me five years ago that cauliflower would become a favorite vegetable, I would have thought, “no way!” Cauliflower was always the last vegetable I would eat in the pre-prepared vegetable trays from the grocery store. And it had to be submerged in ranch dressing.

Not anymore.


Cucumber-Avocado Salad + Life Updates

As a child, I remember my mom used to make cucumber salads as dinner side dishes. She would usually either marinate cucumber with olive oil, vinegar, onion slices and salt; or marinate cucumber during the day in ranch dressing and serve with fresh cracked pepper. Both methods were delicious. I still love fresh cucumber salads and enjoying trying different variations. Cucumber salads are easy, affordable and usually healthy. To mix things up a little bit, I’m making a southwestern version featuring avocado and tomatoes!


French Onion Soup

At the end of a cold, winter day, I often crave warm soup and comfort clothes. Lately I have loved French onion soup, largely for the fact I enjoy covering it with cheese covered baguette “croutons”. And (confession) eating a dozen cheesy croutons before I even sit down with my soup!


Blood Oranges with Cranberry-Infused Champagne

Now that it’s officially winter, it is the peak season for oranges. Depending on the variety of oranges, a lot of them, such as the Moro blood oranges, are fresh December through March. I like to take advantage of their season as they are one of the few fruits at their peak and they pack a generous serving of Vitamin C to help fend off sickness during flu season.

Since New Years Eve is just around the corner, what a better way to indulge in this winter fruit than add champagne?! Cheers to champagne with your daily fruit!