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Four Criteria in Designing a Welcoming Entry Way Space

Entry ways have always fascinated me. They are the first impression and welcoming space for a guest entering your home. Entry ways also serve functional purposes and establish the spirit of your home. Most people, like myself, don’t have a proper foyer so entry ways need to be created in the limited amount of space available. Fortunately, you don’t need a lot of space or a large budget to successfully create a welcoming entry way.

In the past few weeks I have enjoyed designing my entryway for my own home, and researching affordable styles. With the help of design software, I have been playing around with different ideas and layouts. My hope is to bring a digital version of the future entry way of my house (pictured above) to life with new furniture that I will be customizing and decorative statement pieces. The finished product will be shared in the coming weeks. For now let’s talk about four criteria in designing a welcoming entry way space that anyone can incorporate into their apartment or home!


DIY Valentine’s Day Wreath Tutorial

Hello friends! How are you doing today? After taking down all my Christmas decorations I realized I was left with a largely blank canvas. My doors and shelves were in need of a little seasonal TLC. Since moving into my new house in April, each season has been an opportunity to expand my holiday decor. With Valentine’s Day around the corner, this was the perfect time for a simple DIY Valentine’s Day wreath.


DIY Pallet Herb Garden

One of my neighbors had a pallet laying around she wasn’t using and offered it to me. Recycling the pallet by making an herb garden was the first thing that popped in my head. Each division of the pallet serves as a separate “pot” and it’s easy to move around while I update my backyard landscape.