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August 25, 2017

Mix Summer Ruffles With Fall Chino

Hey y’all! We have made it to the end of the week! Let’s give ourselves a big wahoo! We are in that awkward time of year…students are going back to school, football is starting, pumpkin decorations are coming out…but yet it’s still so hot outside. My mind says fall, but the thermometer says summer. As we do start to cool down, I am all about the layers. My usual layering process consists of layering sweaters, scarfs and jackets over tops and dresses. But every now and then I love layering different styles. Prints with polka dots. Stripes with gingham. With this outfit, I mixed a few different things: ruffles with chino with stripes, and the necklace is tortoise with gingham. Fashion may have some rules, but fashion rules are also made to be broken. 

This jacket is so beautiful in person. The chino ruffles balance out the crop cut. Sleeves fasten with button closure. Some pieces were just made for layering. This is one of them. Transition perfectly between seasons as it mixes summer ruffles with fall khaki chino.

I like this jacket paired with a print, like this striped sweater. Or get a little crazy and mix in a different print. It would also pair nicely with a cute camo or plaid top.

To top the look off, I LOVE this necklace!  It’s double stranded and has a cute grosgrain ribbon tie. It was originally in the spring or summer line, so it’s a great price right now. Watch for sale codes for a bigger deduction – I think I paid around $14. With the navy and brown colors, I actually love this necklace best for fall anyways. (See it worn here too.) The necklace also comes in a floral printed ribbon and pink strands.

What are your favorite ways to mix patterns and styles?

I hope y’all have a wonderful weekend!

Live your life joyfully so,


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August 24, 2017

Lilly Pulitzer After Party Sale Tips & Secrets

Get excited because the summer 2017 Lilly Pulitzer After Party Sale is right around the corner!! Why is this special? Because Lilly Pulitzer does not normally have sales, with the exception of two short sales per year known as their “After Party Sale”. In other words, if you love Lilly as much as most – this is your time to stock up!

My closet is filled with Lilly Pulitzer because I love their quality, colors and style. The After Party Sale is how I affordably keep a revolving rotation of colorful prints, tops and dresses.  Since I have shopped this for many years, I did an updated recap (from here) with more advice and outfit pictures to share all the secrets and tips to help you take advantage of the Lilly Pulitzer sale.

Here’s everything you need to know – and a few of my favorite past Lilly Pulitzer finds:

  • The After Party Sale starts on August 28th and runs through August 30th. This year the sale is one day longer than usual. Plus Lilly is having an After Party Sale Preview Shopping Party on Sunday at 3pm in the local Lilly Pulitzer stores! Shop one day early to beat the crowds and get the best Lilly gear. (Things can go very quickly!)

Pictured:  Similar Dress Here or Here

  • Set up an account online prior to the sale. Fill in your information, address and credit card information so this is ready during the sale. Taking the time to do this during the sale may result in your goods being removed from your cart as others check out.
  • Know your “True Fit” Size before the sale begins. This tool will help you find the correct size based on previous purchases, age, height and weight.

Pictured:  Similar Dress Here

  • The sale usually starts online around 7 am (central time). Be ready. To view the biggest selection of merchandise, you want to start exactly at 7 am. I set an alarm (if I’m not working already) and will refresh my computer at 6:59 am every 30 seconds or so. Once the sale starts, you will be given a number in line. This number will likely be very high (I have been over 30,000 in line before!) but don’t worry the wait goes quickly. Lilly will estimate your wait time, but I have always waited significantly less time than quoted. If the volume on your computer is turned up, you will hear a “ding” when your wait time is over.

Pictured:  Ramona Sweater

  • Shop quickly! Just because you place items in your shopping cart does not make them reserved. Items are only reserved when you check out. Once you check out, you have to wait back in line.
  • Buy what may go quickly first. Cute necklaces, earrings, bracelets and bags can go quickly. Lilly’s jewelry is all good quality. The gold shines bright, bracelets are durable for long term wear and most of their jewelry pairs well with a wide variety of outfits. If you like their accessories, buy them early.
  • Check back on the second day. On day two they usually add other items. Also by the second day of the sale, there is usually minimal to no wait time to shop.

Pictured:  Similar Top

  • Lilly Pulitzer stores will have sales. Find when you local store opens and get there early! (Remember Sunday stores will start the sale at 3pm.) They may not have the same selection as online but one benefit is to try before you buy. Since everything is final sale, this helps you find the perfect item and size before purchasing.
  • Search for gifts. Their cashmere sweaters and wraps make great gifts! Both are greatly discounted during the sale by approximately 60%. My mom and I both have Lilly cashmere as it’s super soft. It’s like wearing sweats but looking classier!

Pictured:  Similar Wrap or Sweater

  • Try other resources available to the sale. Lilly has an app that may be available to shop quickly, and avoid the lines. Previously the app was the fastest way to enter the sale and shop. However sometimes the app is not accessible to sale items so the app is not a guarantee.
  • Shop smart. It’s easy to get overwhelmed and not want to miss out on a deal. However, go in with a goal in mind. Remember, everything is final sale so you cannot return any of the purchases. Not everything will sell out – so if there is something you are in different on, you may be able to wait a few hours to think about it. I don’t recommend this for your favorite finds, as there is not guarantee items will still be available.
  • If it doesn’t fit, use resell websites. I have been pretty accurate in matching the correct size, but in times where something didn’t fit, I have sold Lilly Pulitzer apparel on resell websites, like Poshmark. Keep the tags on to sell at a reasonable price.

Don’t hesitate to ask questions. Share your finds and purchases with me on Instagram or Facebook – I love seeing what others get!

Live your life joyfully so,


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August 23, 2017

Little Bell Dress

Hi friends! We are officially half way through the work week and that deserves a mini-celebration in itself!

I wore this dress at the wedding rehearsal this past weekend and loved it. Travel back in time with the baroque details and sheer bell sleeves. Fashion forward with timeless elegance when it all ties together for the perfect LBD. The dress is lined with a nude slip to allow socializing without worry.

The fit is a little on the smaller side, so size up. Pair with your favorite gold earrings and black sandals!

Live your life joyfully so,


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August 21, 2017

Amaretto Lace Top

Happy Monday, y’all! We had the best weekend celebrating my younger brother marrying his sweet fiance. It was a weekend filled with family, laughter and love. The venue was at a small inn near where we grew up in Missouri, and filled with lush landscapes, rolling hills, waterfalls and colorful flowers. The icing on the cake was seeing their beaming faces as they said, “I do.” Weddings are always fun but they mean even more when it’s close family. Seeing my little brother, the same person I taught to ride a bike years ago, become this poised, mature gentleman was the ultimate gift for a big sister. It was a weekend to remember!

With any family wedding weekend, it was a few days packed with events and celebrations. This was a favorite outfit to wear. My favorite piece in the outfit was this top. I love the cascading layers of scalloped lace and the loose, flowing fit. Let’s just say the weekend could have easily been sponsored by Spanx given all the formal attire, so this top was a breath of fresh air but still just as beautiful and elegant. No Spanx required.

The fit is a little big but not overly boxy. For sizing reference, I’m pictured wearing an XS. I recommend sizing down if you are between sizes. I loved the soft amaretto color for an added feminine touch.

Originally I had it paired with a floral print pant, but I found it looked much better with these pants in solid navy. Busy prints can distract from the beautiful lace. It pairs nicely with skinny jeans and pumps too.

The earrings are currently sold out but there is a very similar earrings here.

This top is also available for rental. I cannot recommend it enough for showers, dates or nice office meetings!

Live your life joyfully so,


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Top for purchase click here or rental click here

August 14, 2017

Pattern Play

Hi friends! I cannot get enough of the gemstone print on this dress. The rich colors make a powerful impression on this soft, silky fabric. Best of all, I bought it for $15! The price changes frequently depending on the current sale, but it’s usually under $20.

The sizing is true to size, or slightly large. I’m 5’3″, wearing an XS in regular length. Online it is also available in petite and tall sizing.

My hat is from Target last year. I haven’t seen a similar one at Target yet this season, but this hat is an affordable comparison. These hats are a must for fall!

When we take pictures, the location is really spontaneous and rarely thought out. These pictures were in a shopping mall alley and country club – so random but so fun! We have driven past it frequently and never really paid too much attention to this spot. It’s gone in the blink of an eye. But by opening our eyes up to our neighborhood we have found so many cute, little nooks!

Have y’all found similar secret gems in your neighborhood?

Live your life joyfully so,


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